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Virdes 52™ Virtual Development System
Develop Your Programming Skills & Test Your Code Using Our Virtual Hardware Layouts
a Virdes 52™ is the ideal educational companion for anyone learning to program in Assembly or 'C' for the 8051/8052 microcontroller. The Virdes 52 program can be used with the many educational publications available which cover the technical side of programming in Assembly or 'C' for the the 8051/8052. The purpose of Virdes 52 is to provide a virtual prototyping environment in which you can study and customise our fully working demonstration code or write, download, debug and compile your own code. You can test your projects on our fully functional virtual hardware layouts while monitoring and controlling their characteristics using our on-screen oscilloscope, signal generator and PC monitor.
Virdes 52 The Complete Industry Standard IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Write, debug & compile your 'C' & Assembly code & watch it run on the Virdes52 layouts.

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  • Full 'C' compiler and assembly debug.
  • Develop both individual and combined 'C' and Assembly modules.
  • Download target programs to our virtual board layouts.
  • Examine registers and memory.
  • Single-step through programs.
  • Insert multiple breakpoints.
  • Sophisticated watch point manipulation.
  • Debugger supports memory, register & symbols views.
  • Work with multiple projects in a single workspace.
  • Create, develop and debug an application in a single development cycle.
  • Work with multi-language advanced editing & syntax highlighting.
  • Convenient dockable windows for viewing & altering target data.
  • Drag and drop intuitive interface.
Powerful Interactive Virtual Peripherals
Virdes 52™ includes virtual peripherals to monitor & control our virtual board layouts. You can interact with the on-screen oscilloscope, signal generator & PC terminal.
Watch and set the oscilloscope using the option tabs.
Signal Generator
The signal generator can generate a sine wave signal of varying frequency (0.1 to 100 Hz) and a varying amplitude of 0 to 5 Volts.
PC Terminal
The PC terminal window can display the received characters in hexadecimal or character format. You can also select the baud rate at which to run the terminal.


Step 1: Download & try out Virdes52™. Note: * Until you buy a Virdes 52™ licence the software you have downloaded will have limited functionality.

Step 2: Buy your user licence here and unlock the great features in your software.