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Virdes 52™ Virtual Development System
Develop Your Programming Skills & Test Your Code Using Our Virtual Hardware Layouts
Virdes 52™ is the ideal educational companion for anyone learning to program in Assembly or 'C' for the 8051/8052 microcontroller. The Virdes 52 program can be used with the many educational publications available which cover the technical side of programming in Assembly or 'C' for the the 8051/8052. The purpose of Virdes 52 is to provide a virtual prototyping environment in which you can study and customise our fully working demonstration code or write, download, debug and compile your own code. You can test your projects on our fully functional virtual hardware layouts while monitoring and controlling their characteristics using our on-screen oscilloscope, signal generator and PC monitor.
Virdes 52 Virtual 8052 Microcontroller
Virdes 52 contains a fully functional industry standard virtual 8052 microcontroller incorporating 8 x 12bit A/D converters & 1 x 12bit D/A converter. Read from & write to virtual 8052 I/O port pins. Transmit and receive through a virtual UART. Utilise the adjustable clock speed facility and many other industry standard microcontroller features. Each layout displays only the pins which are used for that layout. This makes it easy to see the relationship between your code and the pins on the virtual 8052.
Free Virtual Board Layouts & Code Examples With Virdes 52™
Get started straight away with 6 ready to use Virtual Board Layouts. You also get at least one free code example project with each of our Virtual Board layouts. Similar projects exist in both C and Assembly format to demonstrate equivalent functionality. Each code example demonstrates features of the 8051/8052 microcontroller so you can quickly build up an understanding of the microcontroller architecture. Click here to download our 'Get Started Guide' and see the great features of our IDE & how quickly you can begin to view, edit, compile, build and debug projects. In all cases you can edit these example projects or write your own code around these layouts. >>Click on the images below for a layout & project description >> Remember you can download additional virtual board layouts to expand your code writing skills.
Simple Blink Layout Blink & Switch Layout P0 Count Layout
Num Display Layout A-D (Analog - Digital) Layout Terminal Layout


Step 1: Download & try out Virdes52™. Note: * Until you buy a Virdes 52™ licence the software you have downloaded will have limited functionality.

Step 2: Buy your user licence here and unlock the great features in your software.